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Learn more about the Ontario Film Authority and how we work to classify films and keep you informed.

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The Board of Directors of the Ontario Film Authority is pleased to announce the appointment of Mary Henricksen as Interim Executive Director and Interim Registrar, effective February 16, 2019. Further details regarding the recruitment process for a permanent Executive Director and Registrar will be made public in the coming weeks.
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Notice from the Registrar re. Applications for Classification by Documentation

Changes have been made to the content advisories and observations on page 2 of the Classification by Documentation and the Classification by Documentation-Limited Exhibition application forms which must be filled out according to the new Guide to the Elements and the Glossary. The new application forms (under Industry Resources/Forms/Film Classification Forms) and the new Guide to the Elements, the Content Advisories and the Glossary (under Film Classifications/Classification Categories & Content Advisories) will take effect on January 14, 2019.
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New and/or Edited Content Advisories

As of Monday, January 14, 2019, the OFRB (a division of the OFA) will be adding new and/or edited Content Advisories to the Certificates of Classification. These changes are part of a recent comprehensive evaluation to update and modernize the OFRB guidelines used to classify films in Ontario.
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