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Ontario Film Authority

Welcome to the Ontario Film Authority

About the OFA

Learn more about the Ontario Film Authority and how we work to classify films and keep you informed.

Industry Resources

Access important industry resources including Licensing Forms, Fee Schedule and Requests For Re-classification.


Find out more about how we inform moviegoers with our ratings system and search for specific film ratings.

The Ontario Film Authority (OFA) is a not-for-profit corporation, responsible for administering the Film Classification Act, 2005 and associated regulations on behalf of the Ontario government.

The OFA was established as a delegated administrative authority (DAA) on October 1, 2015 under the Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act, 1996. The delegation to the OFA is occurring as a result of the mutual desire of the Ontario government and the film industry to enhance professionalism, increase consumer protection and provide an effective, efficient and responsive regulatory framework. The OFA is not a government entity; it is governed by an independent board of directors. Like other DAAs, the OFA is wholly financed by the fees paid by the industry sector it oversees.

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services continues to be responsible for the Film Classification Act, 2005 and associated regulations, as well as the general oversight of the OFA.