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Ontario Film Authority

Film Classifications

Search for a Classification

 Note - We are transitioning to a new database and the ratings search function is temporarily down for films classified after September 11th.  We are working on creating a new search function.  In the interim, please contact or for any enquiries related to film ratings.

 Thank you for your patience.

The Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB) film database includes classification, content advisories and detailed observations for films that have been classified by the OFRB Board.

You can search for feature films, trailers or films with a classification restriction. A Classification Restriction is where the film has been classified only for exhibition at the times, dates and premises specified, e.g. for film festivals and limited exhibition venues.

You may search for a specific title by specifying all or part of the title in the first search box.

You may also ask for a group of titles by specifying the classification, format, and date range in the second search box. You are limited to a maximum of 500 hits for this type of search.

NOTE: Click here for video and computer game classifications made by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.